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N864CM - 1979 Cessna C-340 A


Big and Fast! A trip hauler for the whole family, in pressurized comfort! Dry rate means you pay for gas, but you only pay for actual flight time, not taxi time. Requires 50 hours multi PIC, high perf/altitude endorsements, and a 2-5 hour checkout schedule based on experience in cabin class twins.


  • COLOR: Blue/White
  • POWER: 650 hp
  • CRUISE: 230 kts
  • LOAD: 1750 lbs
  • FUEL: 160 gal


Garmin GNS530W, S-Tec60-2, Aspen PFD1000
  • 6 Seats
  • DME
  • GPS
  • WAAS
  • Auto Pilot
  • Marker Beacon
  • HSI
  • Storm Scope
  • Weather Radar
  • Glass Cockpit
  • Long Range Tanks
  • 6-place intercom

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