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Pacific Coast Flyers Safety Program

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The United States has the largest and most diverse GA community in the world with more than 300,000 aircraft including amateur-built aircraft, rotorcraft, balloons, and highly sophisticated turbojets. Preventing accidents and incidents, as well as promoting safety awareness and practices is a top goal of Pacific Coast Flyers. We achieve this by our partnership with the FAA's FAAST program, hosting safety training events for our club members as well as the GA community at large, interaction with members regarding their experiences and ideas, and sharing our collective information and experience with our membership as well as the GA community.

This dedication to safety has lead to us having the best safety record of any well established flying club in San Diego, and one of the best records nationwide. When you choose Pacific Coast Flyers you are joining a community that understands that a safe environment is the most important ingredient to a fun and successful flying experience.

> Safety Training Seminars

PCF regularly hosts training and awareness seminars for our membership and the GA community. We bring in the top GA personalities and subject matter experts available to share their experiences and expertise. These seminars are always provided free of charge, and most always qualify for FAAST safety credits and achievements.

> Shared Knowledge and Experience

With our Safe2Share section members and other pilots stories are published so that experience and knowledge can be shared. Through this sharing we can learn and benefit from the experiences and mistakes of others, preventing us from having to learn the same lessons in practice.

> Basic Safety Requirements

Our membership is required to meet basic safety training and meet ongoing currency requirements implemented by management. This practice ensures all of our pilots are up on the most current safety procedures and trends in GA, ensuring we have the safest, and most prepared pilots possible.

Learn More about PCF Safety Requirements

> Transparency

No safety program can be 100% effective, so when things do go wrong PCF makes all relevant information available, and provides information pertinent to the incident and prevention of future occurrences. Through this free flow of information we can help reduce risk to our members and ensure our status as an essential part of the aviation community in San Diego, and southern California.