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Becoming a member of Pacific Coast Flyers is EASY!

You'll just need to bring a few things, go through a new member briefing, and if you're already a pilot a short check ride with any of our approved CFI listed on our INSTRUCTORS page and you're good to go.

Student pilots may receive instruction with any of our approved CFI and contact them directly for instruction.


"[PCF is] Where I first soloed a 150 (N8451M), and got all my ratings. Now in a CRJ-700 thanks to my awesome training at PCF, I recommend to all ages and styles of flying.

PCF is the way to go!!"

--Justin Zeller
Join Pacific Coast Flyers

When and Where

New member briefings are held at our Carlsbad. Carlsbad (McClellan-Palomar Airport) briefings begin in the Western Flight lobby at 1:00 pm on Sundays and 5:30 pm on Wednesdays. Oceanside (Bob Maxwell Field) briefings have been discontinued until further notice. At the briefing you will receive a tour of our club offices, pilot lounges, FBOs, ramp area and parking spaces. Briefings consist of training on how to reserve an airplane, club rules and bylaws, safety procedures, and security requirements. Once you complete the briefing you can schedule a checkout, flight review, or instruction and presto! You're now part of a great community of pilots!

What to Bring

New members will need to bring a valid drivers license or photo ID, your airman certificate (student pilots excepted), and a medical certificate. Students who have not yet received a medical certificate will be allowed to join and receive instruction, however a medical must be obtained prior to solo flight in any aircraft. Logbooks are also needed to verify any endorsements you wish to be recognized by the club but are not required to join and get a checkout. You will also need to bring a $85 initiation fee (lowest in San Diego County), a $20 key deposit (you get your own aircraft key), and $43 club dues, automatically billed monthly.

Other Costs and Fees

HA! Scared you didn't we.... Seriously, just member dues and rental. THAT'S IT!!!


We accept all logbook endorsements from all other Clubs, Part 141 Schools, or Private Instructors. Have a ton of RG time and an instrument rating already? Don't worry about needless checkouts for High Performance, Complex, or other aircraft specific requirements. We want you to go fly almost as much as you want to go!

Getting Instruction

If you are looking to learn to fly, become current, earn a new rating, or go simply because flying is just an awesome thing to do. PCF membership can open up attractive alternatives to the traditional flight school approach to flight training. PCF operates under part 91, and all training conducted in PCF airplanes is under part 61 of the FAR's. Student pilots are required to maintain current PCF membership and to make their own reserevations in the PCF online scheduler. Students choose their own instructors from the current list of PCF approved CFI's. Any CFI training in PCF aircraft must become a PCF member and get approved as a club instructor. Have a favorite CFI? Have them join the club too and go on a CFI checkout and you can train with them at PCF! We have many excellent benefits and opportunities for CFI's in the club.

Become a PCF Instructor

If you are a CFI looking to instruct in a friendly and non-competitive environment, we are the club for you. We do not require you to do anything except join, stay current, go on a short CFI checkout, and attend regular club CFI safety meetings. We never control access to club members seeking instruction, and allow you to build YOUR business of teaching in the highest quality fleet available in San Diego.

Club Currency

Pacific Coast Flyers requires an annual flight review by a PCF approved CFI. The club review will consist of approximately 1 hour of oral review and a short flight where you will go over FAA standards, general aviation knowledge, as well as PCF policies and procedures. The club review will fully comply with FAA standards and count as a BFR, but will also include club specific policies and procedures that may have changed over the preceding year. This practice helps not only ensures we are helping our members stay aware of the changing environment of Palomar and Oceanside airports, it also promotes general safety keeping incidents to a minimum and our fleet in great shape.

Safety Meeting Requirements

All club members are required to complete a total of 2 PCF approved safety training events per year. This requirement keeps our insurance rates low and our coverage high. With some of the lowest insurance costs in the industry this is a major reason our operating costs are as low as they are. This also promotes a general atmosphere that is based on safe practices and minimizing risks. We have an excellent safety record and maintaining it is important to PCF. To learn more about the PCF Safety Program CLICK HERE

Aircraft Owners

Pacific Coast Flyers is always interested in potentially expanding our fleet to include a more diverse array of available aircraft. If you own or know someone who owns an aircraft that would be a good addition to our fleet you can learn about leaseback opportunities with PCF HERE and Contact Us regarding a great opportunity to join an excellent community and to potentially earn money back or subsidize the cost of ownership while gaining access to a fleet of high quality aircraft.

Cancel Membership

In order to terminate membership with Pacific Coast Flyers members must not have any outstanding balance, complete an official resignation form, and return all PCF keys and other property. Memberships will be terminated within 10 business days of fulfillment of these criteria. The official resignation form can be accessed in the Member Tools section by logging in to the PCF Website with your schedulemaster credentials.
Member Cancellation Form (logon required)