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Membership Agreement

1. Acknowledgements - I acknowledge that:
1.1. Pacific Coast Flyers, Inc. (Hereafter referred to as PCF) is a Non-Profit, Mutual Benefit Corporation organized to provide its members with access to a variety of general aviation aircraft which are leased from various independent third party owners, and to promote the social interaction of its members.
1.2. Aircraft maintenance is the responsibility of the individual aircraft owner. PCF does not maintain, repair, or recondition any PCF aircraft, and does not, and cannot warrant the airworthiness of any PCF aircraft. It is my individual responsibility as the pilot of the aircraft to make the final determination as to its airworthiness prior to each flight.
1.3. PCF cannot and does not provide flight instruction, and is not responsible for the conduct of any flight instructor, or for the content of any flight instruction which I might obtain. I will however, only seek instruction in a PCF aircraft from an instructor who is a member of PCF and has been approved by PCF management to instruct in PCF aircraft.
1.4. PCF reasonably relies on my representations as to my identity, background, experience, competence, training, and skill, and has granted me membership based on this representation.
1.5. I understand that PCF does not provide or maintain medical insurance for me, my passengers, or any other individual who might suffer injury as a result of my flight operations. I agree that I am financially responsible for my own medical expenses, and have been urged by PCF to obtain or maintain my own medical insurance.
1.6. I understand that:
1.6.1. My application fee submitted upon first joining PCF is nonrefundable.
1.6.2. My key deposit(s) are no longer refundable 60 days from the cessation date of my membership.
1.6.3. Membership dues will be automatically charged to my account on a monthly basis and are nonrefundable.
1.7. At the sole discretion of PCF I authorize the independent verification of any or all of the information I have provided in this application. This authorization includes my permission to obtain my credit report, as well as FAA and criminal background checks.
2. Representations and Warranties - I certify that:
2.1. All of the information provided to PCF is true, accurate, timely, and complete. I will submit a written report to PCF within 15 days if:
2.1.1. Any aircraft under my control sustains damage estimated to be greater than $300.00.
2.1.2. Any person sustains any injury in or near any aircraft under my control.
2.1.3. I am formally or informally charged with a violation of FAA rules or regulations.
2.1.4. I am charged with a violation of vehicular laws for operating an automobile or other motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for reckless driving.
2.2. I possess all of the certifications, ratings, and flight experience listed on this application.
2.3. I have carefully studied all pertinent federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to my flying activities and I have read and understand all current bylaws, operational rules, and policies of PCF. I hereby agree to abide by, and conduct all flight operations in accordance with these rules, bylaws, and policies.
2.4. I am, or will first become, thoroughly conversant with the Approved Flight Manual (AFM) or Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) of each aircraft make and model I will use, and I will faithfully observe each instruction and recommendation therein, including all pre-flight inspections, in-flight procedures, and post flight operations.
2.5. I will not attempt to operate any PCF aircraft in which I am not properly certificated, qualified, or rated to operate, unless I am under the direct supervision of a current and qualified certificated flight instructor who is also a member of PCF.
2.6. I will not allow any person who is not a current member of PCF to manipulate the controls of any PCF aircraft.
2.7. I will not operate any PCF aircraft while my FAA Flight Review or FAA Medical Certificate is invalid or out of currency, unless such operation is under the direct supervision of a current and qualified certificated flight instructor who is also a member of PCF.
2.8. I will not conduct any flight operation in any PCF aircraft for hire either under Part 91 or Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
3. Responsibility for Airworthiness, Damage, and Costs - In consideration of the membership benefits provided to me by PCF, while an aircraft is in my possession or control, or during any time the aircraft is released to me, I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for the following:
3.1. Airworthiness of the Aircraft
3.2. All uninsured Damage to the Aircraft whether caused by me or someone else
3.3. All uninsured costs associated with any damage incurred to the aircraft whether caused by me or someone else
3.4. All uninsured costs incident to the return of the aircraft to its home base
4. Indemnification - To the extent any insurance maintained by PCF in favor of me does not apply, I promise to defend and indemnify Pacific Coast Flyers, its directors, agents, members, employees and contractors, to the fullest extent allowed by law, from all costs, damages, claims, fines and penalties, arising out of or in any manner pertaining to, my PCF related activities. This indemnity will apply even if one of the indemnified parties is alleged, or ultimately found, to be partly or wholly at fault for the loss.
5. Express Assumption of Risk - To the extent any insurance maintained by PCF in favor of me does not apply, I expressly assume all risk of loss, injury, death and damage to me and my property arising from, or in any manner related to my PCF related activities, whether occurring while utilizing PCF resources or not. I am aware that flying and aviation related activities are inherently risky and that no airplane can be guaranteed to function properly and may be subject to mechanical malfunction, design flaws, and human error. I acknowledge that merely being around aircraft and airports is risky to me and my invitees and I assume all such willingly.

Membership Costs

Application Fee: $75
Key Deposit: $20
Monthly Dues: $38 NOT DUE NOW
I accept the terms of this agreement
I agree to the PCF Privacy Statement
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Application Fee: $75
Key Deposit: $20
Initial Dues: $38


Membership Aceptance

By submitting this application, I certify that all of the information herein is true to the best of my knowledge. I have also fully read and understand the attached Membership Agreement and agree to follow said agreement. I have also received or will obtain a copy of the Pacific Coast Flyers BYLAWS and OPERATIONAL RULES. I understand any failure to follow Pacific Coast Flyers Membership Agreement, Bylaws, and Operational Rules, or any falsification of information on this application will result in immediate dismissal from PCF and revocation of all privileges.