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Aircraft Leaseback Program

Are you the owner of a clean, well maintained, and under utilized aircraft? Do you pay monthly insurance and parking/hangar fees and want some return on the idle time of your aircraft? Pacific Coast Flyers is always looking for compliments to our fleet.

Airplanes are like you and I, they cannot sit still and need to be in the air. For those who love being aircraft owners but are unable to fly as many hours on a monthly basis to justify your overhead, a leaseback may seem attractive. If you are considering this arrangement, and you love your aircraft and are concerned with how it will be treated and maintained Pacific Coast Flyers may be the right place for you.

Pacific Coast Flyers has a unique approach to leaseback which avoid many of the pitfalls that commonly befall both renters and FBO's

CLICK HERE to view the PCF Leaseback Agreement
To learn more, or to see of leaseback with Pacific Coast Flyers is right for you CONTACT US
  • Qualified Pilots
  • Parking and Storage
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Usage and Access
  • Maintenance
  • Community
Pacific Coast Flyers Aircraft Leasseback Program

> Qualified Pilots

It’s one thing to make a Cessna Skyhawk available for rent; it’s far more complicated for a complex, high-performance aircraft such as a Bonanza or Mooney to be placed on leaseback. We place high standards on complex and unique aircraft, and work with you to fond a checkout process for not only flight, but handling, parking, and securing your aircraft that will ease your mind.

> Parking and Storage

With a relatively large fleet and large offices we keep our cost down to maximize your economics. However, unlike most FBOs and clubs, you can maintain your current parking or hangar space and we will train the members on how to access and handle your unique situation.

> Insurance Coverage

With many aircraft and an excellent accident history we get very competitive rates to cover all flight club operations. If you would rather procure your own insurance you are free to do so, we only require the ability to verify your policy is adequate to cover PCF flight operations.

> Usage and Access

As the owner of the aircraft you always have primary and exclusive access to your aircraft and you will be given priority scheduling access for your airplane. We do recommend you do not interrupt members schedules regularly, as this can have a negative effect on rental hours if done too much.

> Maintenance

With a large and diverse fleet we generate enough maintenance hours to keep any shop very busy. Additionally we have a diverse group of owners resulting in a large network of A&P and IA mechanics, as well as an internal infrastructure to ensure you will always be on top of the airworthiness of your vessel.

> Community

With your leaseback you also gain membership to our club and community. This means access to our facilities and events, as well as our vast community of pilots, mechanics, and wealth of aviation experience and knowledge.